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Guangzhou Grandview Material Limited
맞춤 제조업체
주요 제품:아크릴 시트/아크릴 수영장/반짝이 아크릴 시트/무지개 아크릴 시트/ABS 시트
No. 2 수영 액세서리 부문 베스트셀러Global export expertiseTotal trading staff (11)Competitive OEM factoryOn-site material inspection



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About Company

* 30 Years Warranty Outdoor Anti-UVnon-Yellowing
* 105°C VST Vicat Softening Temperature And Tensile Strength Test Each Batch Of Acrylic Panels
* 45 or 90 Degrees Bonding
Superb Bonding Technology, So That The Seams Perfect
* Lead Time In 7-10 Days Strong Production Capacity, Huge Stock, Fast Delivery
CNC Machining
Acrylic Cutting
Acrylic Polishing
Acrylic Quality Control
Final Product
Strong Inventory
Acrylic Annealing