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Guangzhou Grandview Material Limited
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Hauptprodukte:Acryl platte/Acryl schwimmbad/Glitzer Acryl platte/Irisierende Acryl platte/ABS-Platte
Rang Nr.5 bestseller in PoolGlobal export expertiseTotal trading staff (11)Competitive OEM factoryOn-site material inspection



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About Company

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* 30 Years Warranty Outdoor Anti-UVnon-Yellowing
* 105°C VST Vicat Softening Temperature And Tensile Strength Test Each Batch Of Acrylic Panels
* 45 or 90 Degrees Bonding
Superb Bonding Technology, So That The Seams Perfect
* Lead Time In 7-10 Days Strong Production Capacity, Huge Stock, Fast Delivery
CNC Machining
Acrylic Cutting
Acrylic Polishing
Acrylic Quality Control
Final Product
Strong Inventory
Acrylic Annealing



Project Cast



GRANDVIEW ACRYLIC is in Guangzhou, the establishment of an export-oriented and domestic sales, supplemented by a comprehensive sales company, exporting a variety of acrylic sheet, tube, pipe, and undertake various international large-scale aquarium and swimming pool projects.
The whole focus of GVACRYLIC
is into Manufacturing of
Custom designer Acrylic Sheet
Yes we are! GVACRYLIC is
probably the best in China
with a 100% one time Cast
With a team of MMA experts,
experienced installer,
we provide you 100% percent
Big 5 Exhibition